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I am an eligible "out-of-network" provider. If you wish to claim insurance reimbursement for my services, call your plan and ask the following questions about "out-of-network outpatient mental health benefits":

1) Do you reimburse for psychotherapy with out-of-network LCSWs?

2) What is my (or my family's)  annual deductible?

3) Is there a maximum number of sessions allowable per year, and if so how many?

4) What percentage of the provider's fee is reimbursed?

With out-of-network therapy, my procedure is as follows:

I provide you with a monthly bill; you pay me directly and in full; you send your insurance company a copy of the bill; they reimburse your claim. 

The insurance company may also contact me to verify that you are in treatment and for additional provider information. 

This arrangement is called "third-party reimbursement."

It is important that you contact your insurance provider to learn the details of your particular plan.