The hardest thing about therapy, many people say, is making that first phone call – which is why I believe it’s vitally important to find a therapist who offers a safe, open, and responsive space where you can speak freely, feel heard, and get useful feedback.

I’m a warm, thoughtful listener who shares insights and observations in a supportive environment where there is room for humor.

Steady, in-depth psychoanalytically-informed psychotherapy is, in my view, the surest way to work through one's difficulties in living in order to create a happier, calmer and more satisfying life. Not old-style psychoanalysis (no silent man behind a couch), but the more “user-friendly” form of contemporary practice that has evolved in recent decades.

Contemporary relational psychoanalysis and psychotherapy – which I continue to study as well as teach - is collaborative, authentic, intimate and personalized. We explore what makes you tick, your hopes, fears, hot spots, blind spots, areas where you feel stuck or confused, and over time better strategies and solutions emerge.

Life is often very hard, and we all struggle to find our way. Living in a quick-fix culture, it's tempting to seek short-term solutions. This is a big reason that CBT is so popular. Yet our issues generally take root over many years of thinking and reacting in certain fixed ways, typically ways we’re barely aware of. So while CBT techniques have their uses (and I occasionally employ them), I’ve found that developing new patterns of handling stress and implementing real, lasting change takes time and requires commitment.

However, ask anyone who’s been through the process – it’s worth the work.

So if you're feeling lost, stuck, in pain, struggling, tired of enduring it alone, what a relief to know that help is available and that you can, with assistance, begin to live your life in a different and better way.

That first phone call awaits.

Matt Aibel, LCSW  

                    offices in New York City and in Northport, Long Island   |   646.361.7677 

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